State/Region: New South Wales
Industry: Retail
Customer Profile
Nowra Fresh Fish and Meat is an extremely busy retail business in Nowra, a town on the South Coast of New South Wales.
Business Situation
To improve the management of their business, present a more professional image to clients, integrate to their weigh scales and improve staff productivity, while at the same time offering a complex discount/loyalty system. The owners looked for a business management solution that would be easy to implement in their busy retail environment
POSWise—the affordable Point of Sale and Business Management system. The system was easy to implement and learn, accountability of staff improved, and up to date information allowed the owners to monitor performance in real time.
  • Connectivity to Weigh Scales
  • Price Embedded Barcodes
  • Staff Accountability
  • Remote Management
  • Loyalty System
  • Simple and easy to implement
  • Professionalism— Business Growth

Nowra Fresh Fish and Meat Market are based in Nowra on the Southern coast of New South Wales. When the owners of the business decided to move to a purpose built store in a new development within Nowra they chose POSWise, the Affordable Point of Sale System. The business included a Fish and Meat market as well as a Cafe/Take Away.

The Market wanted their customers to be able to select their goods at the Variety of individual counters around the store and take these items to the point of sale area for payment.

The solution POSWise provided was to install scales that issued price embedded barcodes so that the item could simply be scanned at the point of sale. Non bar-coded items where sold through individual keys set up on POSWise.

The Cafe/Take away is next door to the Fish and Meat outlet This needed to be part of the overall stock control system that the POSWise system provided but run independently of the market. The versatility of the POSWise meant that the takeaway could be configured for hospitality functions such as table tracking and kitchen docket printing, while the main store could be configured to scan in a retail environment. Being able to use the same product in both businesses meant training was simply and staff could move between the stores in busy times. There was also a uniform process for the back office functions.

The Market also had a complex discount structure using petrol receipts and a loyalty card system based on number of visits made and minimum purchases for each visit. POSWise built in loyalty system and our discount Mix’n’Match structure catered perfectly to this requirement.

Nowra Fish and Meat Market also wanted to set up a self service customer service area to allow the customer to select and print a recipe by touching a picture of a selected dish. A print out of the recipe for the dish could then be handed to a member of staff who would then pick all the ingredients.

The POSWise solution provided two touch screens and printers.

The site went live 1st February 2011 and is breaking all sales expectations.