State/Region: Melbourne, Victoria
Industry: Hospitality
Customer Profile
Six Keys is an European restaurant in Bayside Melbourne
Business Situation
The owners wanted to replace an old cash register with a solution to manage a busy Restaurant compiling a variety of dining eating areas and needed a Restaurant system that could deliver on functionality and speed.
POSWise — the affordable Point of Sale and Business Management system was selected. The system was easy to implement and learn, accountability of staff improved, and up to date information allowed the owners to monitor performance.
  • Staff accountability
  • Simple & easy to implement/learn
  • Split Bills
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Multiple Remote Printers
  • Graphical Table layouts

Six Keys restaurant is a European restaurant in bayside Melbourne. When deciding to change from their old fashioned cash register, they were looking for a Point Of Sale & business management system that would give them both a functional and flexibile solution.

Two Posiflex touch screen terminals where installed. These where linked to a kitchen and bar printer. One in the main kitchen, one in the Main Bar.

Key to the functionality required by Six Keys was ease of use. This was ensured by working with the owners on the set up. This included a Graphical table layout that made the transaction simple and easy to follow.

Six Keys is all about good local food. The flexibility of the Poswise system meant that when menu changes were needed, they could be carried out by the owners with ease.

“Split Bills” function that would allow customers to split bottles of wine and in some cases a course by percentages rather than normal bill splitting by the number of covers.. POSWise developed this feature in consultation with the owners of the restaurant allowing for example customers to split a bottle of wine or a cocktail.

Since the restaurants opening we have continued to work with the management and was rewarded with a further system being purchased when the owners opened there second restaurant called the Three Ducks in Mt Elisa on the Mornington Peninsula.

Both sites can be accessed remotely by the owners for reporting and general day to day management of the sites.