State/Region: Melb CBD, Vic, Qld
Industry: Hospitality
Customer Profile
Spudbar was founded in 2000 around the simple promise to create delicious food that’s healthy, great value, quick and casual. We discovered the spud was the perfect platform to build a meal around – delicious, filling and much healthier than the typical meal staples of pasta, bread and rice. They now have 21 Franchised Spudbar Stores all using Poswise.
Business Situation
They wanted a user friendly POS system for their staff and Management team. They also wanted to speed up the reporting process for the Management team and their Franchise to accurately track all aspects of the business remotely.
Poswise—the affordable Point Of Sale and business management system. The system was easy to implement and learn, the staff were happy with the new POS system and the speed at which the data was reported back to head office meant the management team was able to monitor performance as they needed.
  • Speed in collecting sales information
  • Staff accountability
  • Time and Attendance generating wages reports
  • Tracking of Loyalty cards system which includes a free birthday spud and a free spud after the purchase of x number of certain items
  • Simple & easy to implement/learn
  • Professionalism-business growth
  • Extensive Reporting system
  • Create a Spudbar Loyalty App

Spudbar required a POS solution for their 21 Stores that was easy to use for its staff and Franchise.

They also wanted to speed up the reporting process for the management team and to accurately track all aspects of the business. Data from all 21 Stores needed to be efficiently download to Head Office and each Franchisee remotely.

The point of sale software needed to be configurable so it could replicate their existing system and be very user friendly.

Not only has POSwise proven to be a great success with its staff, it has also provided seamless integration into the existing head office systems giving the management team total control over the business.

The POSwise team consulted with the Spudbar team to find the right hardware solution to roll out across the stores.

Spudbar also had a large number of clients who used their existing SSS loyalty program. These SSS Loyalty cards need to be converted to the new system so that it could be tracked and the information reported back to Head Office. Poswise also had to install the system into a live business and all 21 stores where converted in a four day period. This included converting all existing data from the old POS system into the new CloudHQ reports.

We continue to work with Spudbar Stores to add new features to our software.