Cafes - Fish & Chips - Fast Food
Poswise is used throughout Australia and New Zealand in all manner of business environments
Very easy to learn, you'll be up and running in no time. A Prep station can be a Printer or a screen, One for Food, One for Barista Send an adhoc message to the kitchen because what has been requested is not setup on the system. Example "No salt on chips." Link Poswise to your Apple device and process orders at the table. In a busy bar you can start a sale on one terminal and complete it on another. Or you can start a sale and whilst you are waiting to get paid someone else can interrupt that sale with their own sale allowing you to come back and complete the sale on the same terminal or another terminal. The ability to clock staff in and out to monitor the hours worked is part of the Poswise system. A beer might be sold at standard prices or club prices. A wine can be sold by the Glass or by the bottle. Preset cash tenders for speed. Product prompts with up sell messages can help increase sales. Example "Do you want to Go Large?" Create your own loyalty programs based on sales value or product promotion or both. Allocate an order number to each sale
Easy to use with minimum training
Prep stations
Free text cooking messages to the kitchen
Hand Held Ordering
Operator Interrupt
Clock in / out for staff
Multiple price levels per product
Fast Tender keys
Product Prompts
Coffee Cards
Order Numbers