Dry Cleaners
Poswise is used throughout Australia and New Zealand in all manner of business environments
Very easy to learn, you'll be up and running in no time.
  • Enter Customer Details (ie: Name and/or Phone)
  • Allocate a rail number
  • Select the items being dropped off
  • Pick a date for collection
  • Use the size of an item to calculate the price when you are cleaning particular items, for example; curtains.
  • Scan the customers barcoded ticket
  • Enter the transaction number from the ticket
  • Search by customer name or phone number
  • Select individual items for collection
  • Modify item costs on the fly to give discounts or charge extra for stubborn stains
  • Easily list items awaiting collection or those that have been collected previously.
    Easy to use with minimum training
    4 Steps To Receive An Item
    Item Cost Calculator
    Easily recall customers details
    Easy collection/pick up processing