Each terminal can connect to a central database to retrieve product data All sales data can be sent to a central database to make reporting from numerous branches simple Send sales data in real time or at end of day Enables you to sell an item in one store for $1.00, and in another for $1.20 Customise your keyboard layout per store for additional/reduced functionality depending upon requirements Export sales data for import into Xero & MYOB Restrict staff access to certain screens/areas, as well as the operations each staff member can perform Recording staff clock in/clock out times
Centralised control of products
Reporting from a central location (Head Office)
Real time or Batch processing of sales with links to on line reporting websites
Multiple Price bands across the stores
Multiple keyboard layouts across the stores
Xero & Myob Integration
Full security control on all operational buttons at store level
Time and Attendance as well as calculation of staff wages