Phone Network Congestion

Congestion is currently being experienced on the Tier 1 core phone network, Australia wide. This is causing some inbound calls to not route to their correct destinations, therefore some inbound calls are not going through. This is not a wide spread outage and will only impact some inbound calls.

Main carriers within Australia are having trouble coping with the increased inbound traffic and they are working on resolving the issue. This may take some time to resolve due to the current changing environment with government announcements daily about COVID-19 more people are working from home and businesses are closing for periods of time which means increased call traffic.

We know this is frustrating and the problem is being experienced with Tier 1 networks across the board, so it has little to do with who your current provider is. If you keep trying you will get through. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of other options right now and we expect this to continue into the week ahead until the carriers increase the capacity of the core network or the traffic stabilizes.

In the meantime please feel free to call 0413 375 822 and speak directly to Justin Wernham who can either help you or arrange for someone to call you back.

We are all in the same boat here in these uncharted times but rest assured we want to help.

Be nice to each other and keep well.

Poswise support team